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The Rivers of the World:

There are many rivers around the world, the two most popular are the Rhine and the Danube.  A river cruise will offer you a fantastic experience: you'll see unforgettable sights, you'll meet incredible people and you'll enjoy remarkable cuisine. No matter what route you take, a river cruise will inspire you and leave you yearning for more. River cruises certainly make for the best vacations. A river cruise gives you a lot more leisure time. The ships take you into the city center while you are reading a book or sipping a drink at the bar. Then you simply step off the ship and step right into the city center. There is no better and more comfortable way to see the world.

River cruise ships are smaller than ocean-going ships, typically holding 90-150. Due to their smaller size and low draft, river cruise ships can go where ocean cruise ships cannot, and sometimes to where no other transport is practical. The rivers are an excellent way to reach some attractions, for example Russia and China. Some river ships resemble five star hotels, with sun decks, dining rooms, lounges, fitness facilities, swimming pools, and other entertainment. Some cruise lines now offer balcony cabins and wine with dinner.

Board your floating hotel, unpack once, sit back and relax and your hotel will take you to experience the history and beauty of the great rivers of the world. We have traveled the rivers and sailed the ships. You will be provided all the information you need to select the right cabin and ship before you set off on the trip of your lifetime. It is also to your advantage that our rates are always lower than the cruise lines.    





                       European Rivers

Danube, Rhine, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy, Austria,

                         Switzerland, Portugal, and more!






                           Asian Rivers

                 China / Cambodia / Myanmar / Viet Nam...






                             African River Cruise 


                                       Lark Tour Safaris





                           The Americas

                                          North America


                                          South America

                 (Peru, The Amazon River & Gallopigos Islands)



Premium River Cruise Lines

There are river cruise lines that add more amenities than others such as all gratuities being included, meals in restaurants ashore, Wines and drinks included, valet service, pre or post hotels included, alternate restaurants on board plus other premium items.

The lines such as Scenic tours and Tauck tours may look to be much more expensive.

   If you add on all the additional items involved, they still offer a great value.

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Discover The World

At, we strive to provide new and exciting river cruise experiences across the globe for our clientele. That’s why we developed our “AmaVoyages” river cruise experiences in Africa, Portugal, Vietnam, Cambodia and Russia. It’s our way of making capital cities, adventurous destinations, and remarkable river ways accessible to you in these fascinating countries.

The river cruise experience in these countries is separate and distinct from our European ships, amenities and services. nonetheless delivers the highest standards available on these river cruises and accompanying land tours. 

Africa Set off along the banks of Chobe National Park, home to one of the densest populations of wildlife in Africa, as you escape the busy world and relax in this serene wildlife environment. Encounter elephants, lions, hippos and buffalo on excursions by boat and open-air vehicles. Throughout this AmaVoyage, you’ll stay at iconic safari lodges, game camps and exclusive hotels throughout South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania. And of course, you’ll be taken back by your surroundings with the sights and sounds of the stunning Victoria Falls. Professional guides will lead daily wildlife excursions, offering the opportunity to spot elephant, rhino, hippo, and many more species that symbolize the true African safari. The exclusive new “Africa Safaris and Wildlife Adventures" is an experience of a lifetime that is sure to never be forgotten.
Vietnam and Cambodia  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Marvel at ancient temples and floating markets along the Mekong River as you travel through two of South East Asia’s beautiful countries, Vietnam and Cambodia. Along the way, visit a Buddhist monastery, the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh, and try your hand at the delicate art of rice paper-making. With the Mekong River as your highway, you’ll begin to understand the important role it plays in both the culture and lives of the people who call the area ‘home’. Temples, trade routes and fishing villages in the river’s path are today untouched by time, just as the way of life they represent. All of this unfolds in seamless luxury with “Vietnam, Cambodia & the Riches of the Mekong.”
Russia Journey with us on the Volga River from Moscow to St. Petersburg, as you explore historic villages and grand palaces. You’ll visit Red Square, the Peterhof Palace and be our guest at a ballet performance at the famous Hermitage Theatre. As you voyage down the Volga River, relax while the AmaKatarina delivers you from one incredible destination to the next, many of which you would otherwise never experience on a trip to Russia. Kizhi, a small, secluded island just north of Lake Onega, home to some of the most amazing wooden architecture in Russia such as the remarkable Church of Transfiguration, is but one of your stops on this fascinating journey. By the time you return home, you’ll have a new profound passion for both Russia and its deep-rooted culture.
Portugal Discover the rich history of Portugal and Spain as you journey through the Douro River Valley on board the brand-new AmaVida. The Douro River is one of Europe’s most pure and unspoiled rivers decorated with deep cleft gorges, lush vineyards, and sleepy fishing villages. Choose from a 7-night roundtrip Porto cruise with a pre-land program in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. Or cruise from Vega Terron to Porto, with land programs in beautiful Madrid and Lisbon. Visit the capital of the North, Porto; ancient and picturesque city of Lamego; Salamanca, Spain; Pinhão, known as the wine lovers Mecca; and much more.









USA  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mississippi River Cruises Explore the culture, heritage, and splendor of America's heartland as you immerse yourself in the charm of an all-American tradition - experience a Mississippi river cruise aboard the American Queen, a grand paddlewheel steamboat. Comfortable cruise accommodations, enriching included sightseeing, lively onboard entertainment, world-class regional cuisine…Avalon's exciting   new cruises along the upper and lower Mississippi River ensure you'll experience the very essence of this incredible region by water—and land. In the words of  Mark Twain in Life on the Mississippi: The face of the water became a wonderful book that was not to be read once and thrown aside, for it had a new story to tell every day. 

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